Joanna Bone

Joanna Bone was born in Portsmouth, UK and moved to Australia in 2002. She has been a practicing glass artist for over a decade. Bone commenced her studies at Portsmouth Art School in 1995 where she completed a course in Art and Design. In 1998 she completed a BA [first class Honours] at Wolverhampton University and as part of her Honours year she spent one semester at Alfred University in New York. She followed this with a Masters degree in glass and ceramics at the Royal College of Art in London.

Since 1997 Bone has exhibited annually in solo and group exhibitions in Australia and the United Kingdom. Her works have been shown twice at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Bone won the Ranamok Glass Prize for her piece entitled 'Ominous Fruit' in 2005. She has received several commissions for her glass work including, a private lighting commission for three original sculptural lights designed and installed into a penthouse on Kings Road, London and a commission to create to the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Queensland in 1997. Joanna Bone's work is part of major corporate, public and private collections nationally and internationally.

Joanna Bone's unique, beautiful and highly developed glass works have a presence and quality that communicates loudly to admirers of three-dimensional art. She works in the 'cane' technique, which is a time-honored technique and has been practiced by European glass artists for centuries. The process demands dedication and endurance, and is particularly labor intensive. Bone has developed her own unique direction within the glass cane genre. Occasionally she works with a series or thematic idea. For example, her black and white series entitled 'Nocturne' was inspired by a large group of high rise buildings illuminated by the night sky. Another series, 'Harlequin' was developed during a scuba diving holiday on the Great Barrier Reef. Bone takes influence for her practice from the climate, scenery, flora and fauna of the Australian landscape.