Stephan GUBER

After the human face surfaced in his formerly non-figurative paintings and heads, busts and full figures were shaped in wax and wood, the sculptural work of German artist Stephan Guber became more and more a study of human genesis.

The origin of man, the distinction of the sexes and the formation of human consciousness are core questions raised by his work. During the last decade, his work has developed from solo figures to couples, on to groups of human figures and then ultimately, to the relational spaces between individual characters.

Guber's life-size wooden sculptures, as well as those larger-than-life, convey a general seriousness primarily by means of posture and facial expression. Special attention is always paid to the head, emphasised by its size, details and the occasional bonnet or cap. The figures are not shown in action or with expressive gestures; their activity is essentially constricted to just standing there: being present. With limbs kept close to the body and their gaze staring off into the distance or looking deep inside, they are the epitome of a calm, cool, collected presence.

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